vrijdag 18 juli 2014

Breakfast ideas.

Today's post is going to be a bit different than usually. I thought I would show you the things I normally have for breakfast. I try to have breakfast every morning. the first one doesn't take a lot of time at all. So when you're in a rush I would say you give this a go. But when you are having a day off or you don't have to go to work early you should definitely try the second one. I hope you have fun trying them out.

For the first recipe you'll need: Greek yogurt, rolled oats, mango, strawberries and some raspberries. You can do this with other fruit as well. I just put the fruit and oats on top of the yogurt and add a little bit of honey and cinnamon.

Scotch pancakes! For this you'll need: 250g plain flour, 2 medium eggs, 4tbsp sugar, 250ml milk, 1tsp of baking powder. First you put the flour and sugar in a bowl, mix in the eggs and slowly add the milk and baking powder.  And then you are ready to bake them. 

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