vrijdag 13 november 2015

50 Random Facts About Me

1) I was born on a Monday
2) I have arachnophobia
3) I'm quarter Moroccan
4) My first job was in a cafe
5) I have size 4 feet
6) I spend most of my money on food
7) When I don't like someone, I can't pretend to like them
8) I'm planning on getting a tattoo next year
9) I always add a bit of black pepper and cinnamon to my coffee
10) I'm not a fan of cats, there is something about their eyes
11) I bruis very easily
12) I'm the worst in texting people back
13) My favourite ice cream flavour is salted carmel
14) I'm quarter Algerian
15) I'm not a morning person
16) I don't like chocolate
17) My favourite Disney movie are Beauty And The Beast and Pocahontas
18) I became a godmother this year
19) When I see people cry, I most likely cry with them even if I'm alright
20) My first pet was a white Scottish Terrier
21) I'm 5 ft 2,5 
22) When I need advice I'll either call Hanane, Chloƫ or Alana
23) I get sick whenever I eat raisins 
24) I don't easily miss people, unless they mean a lot to me or made an impact on me
25) I'm scared of flying
26) I hate it when people are late
27) Peonies are my favourite flowers
28) Whenever it rains, I get really grumpy and sarcastic
30) When I like a song, I'll play it on repeat until I don't like it anymore
31) I'm scared of the sea probably because of watching to many movies
32) When I was younger I wanted to work for the FBI
32) My favourite movies are Nothing Hill and White Chicks
33) I don't like Chinese food
34) I love cooking
35) My favourite tv shows are The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and Friends
36) I'm half Belgian
37) When I meet new people, I'm quite shy
38) My favourite football team is FC Barcelona
39) I cried the whole day after watching The Fox And The Hound
40) I have one dog called Dosti
41) One of my favourite cities are London and Amsterdam
42) My favourite food is Italian or Thai food
43) At Last is my all time favourite song
44) Whenever I have exams I get really messy with my paperwork 
45)  I have over 70 lipsticks
46) I love neutral colors
47) I don't like thriller movies
48) The places I want to visit are Miami and New York
49) I have a weakness for the Milky Way Crispy Rolls
50) I have a huge crush on Chris Brown and Drake

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